Outside the Centre is the impressive Indigenous garden Badji Baanang. Badji Baanang (pronounced ba-dji baanang) means ‘waterhole' in Taungurung language. The garden has been designed with the access track through the garden to represent the Goulburn River (Waring). This River is the largest River on Taungurung Country and is vitally important as part of Taungurung creation, as the lifeline of Country and as an important cultural resource for Taungurung people.

The plants found in the garden are representative of plants found across Taungurung Country including the high altitude alpine mountains, the foothills of the ranges and the plains into which the rivers and creeks of Taungurung Country flow through.

The garden also incorporates information about indigenous plants and the species that depend on these plants for survival, including local birds and butterflies.

Artwork in the garden is designed by Taungurung artists Mick Harding and Cassie Leatham and features the two ancestral moieties Bundjil the Wedge-tailed Eagle and Waang the Crow. The moieties traditionally played a role in deciding marriages within a tribe.

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